Our Wood Venetians

Gloss Collection

A selection of modern wood Venetians , the Gloss Collection offers a sleek gloss finish and radiates contemporary glamour.

Faux Wood

Our selection of faux wood Venetians are crafted using high quality PVC, making them perfect for areas of high moisture. Available in a variety of contemporary colours, in a range of textures, including luxuriously smooth slats and sophisticated wood grains, the collection corresponds seamlessly with any kitchen or bathroom design.

Soft Grain Collection

The Soft Grain Collection of wood Venetians depicts nature’s natural wood grain, with a subtly textured finish. Offering a rich colour palette, this collection reflects the tones of the forest, bringing the true essence of nature indoors. The Soft Grain Collection is available in a choice of 50mm slats.


The Essential Collection - Sunwood

Emulating nature’s natural beauty, the Essential Collection consists of wood Venetians , and offers a choice of classic wood stains for a rustic touch, or a selection of painted whites, neutrals, and greys for a timeless appeal. The Essential Collection is available in a choice of 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm slats.

Grain Collection

Perfect Grain Collection

True to the consistency of nature’s beauty is the Perfect Grain collection of wood Venetians . Presenting a flawless look, the collection combines a uniform grain and colour with a laminate finish for impeccable perfection. The Perfect Grain Collection is available in a choice of 50mm slats.